Contact persons: Dipl.-Inf. Daniel Kühn und B.Sc. Felix Bernhar

The Tekscan-Sensormat
The Tekscan-Sensormat


The Tekscan pressure-sensor-system is a measurement system for capturing, displaying, and analyzing ground reaction forces. In the project "Intelligent Structures for mobile robotic systems" (iStruct), this system is used for analyzing gaits, foot concepts, and soles. Additionally, the system is employed to verify the integrated sensor concept of the iStruct foot, including the calculation for the center of pressure.

The system consists of different foil sensors for different sizes and loads that can be used either separately or as one big sensor map. They are connected to USB-handles which send the captured data to the measurement PC. On the PC, the data can be in real time displayed, recorded or analyzed in different ways.

Tekscan-Sensormat and digital readout of the measurements
Tekscan-Sensormat and digital readout of the measurements


The Tekscan pressure gauge films are used for the project "Intelligent Structures for Mobile Robots" iStruct which is working on the development of a robotic system as well as of biologically inspired structural components which, if applied on the robotic system, effectively improve the locomotion and mobility characteristics. In order to achieve this goal, an improved perception of the environment and the own condition is needed. With the Tekscan we can test and analyze locomotion behaviors, foot concepts and soles. Furthermore the system conduces the verification of the iStruct-Foot and its integrated senor technology along with its core theme calculation.

The iStruct project is funded by the Space Agency of the German Aerospace Center with federal funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in accordance with the parliamentary resolution of the German Parliament, grant no. 50RA1013.

Another partner is the University Bremen.

last updated 31.01.2020
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