E-Mobility Fleet

The E-Mobility Fleet
The E-Mobility Fleet

Mobility is a leading factor for economic growth and employment. Because of increasing traffic and shrinking fossil resources mankind has to change mind – and find new ways in mobility. Goal of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) funded project “New Mobility in Rural Areas” is to develop forward-looking concepts for electric-mobility.  There are three core areas: Applied E-Mobility, Technology-Concepts, Mobility-Effects.

In context of the project we accomplished fleet experiments with electric-vehicles. In addition the DFKI gave individuals and corporations opportunity to drive the test vehicles. Inside the cars data loggers are installed to collect, evaluate vehicle data and use systematically. Not only the actual available technology on the market was rated but also how good the integration of these technologies in humans daily life works and how high the ecological and economic benefit is. The hardware captures the running time and routes, battery charging cycles, energy consumption as well as eventually occurring technical problems. There were 25 electric-vehicles from seven different manufacturers in use. Over 200.000 kilometers / 125.000 miles are successfully driven with this fleet.

last updated 31.01.2020
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