Research Facilities

Maritime Exploration Hall

The 1,300 m² Maritime Exploration Hall serves to test new robotic technologies on and under water. Everyday missions of the offshore industry are simulated, maneuvers are carried out and skills of future systems are demonstrated.

Multifunctional Hall

The approx. 500 m² Multifunctional Hall is used to set up and carry out robotic experiments. The hall is divided into a crater landscape and a flexibly usable experimental area. With the MRK setup and the locomotion test facilities the experimental area currently contains two longer-term installations.

Virtual Reality Lab

To give an spatially impression the projection in the Virtual Reality Lab is stereoscopic and consists of five elements. Each of the five elements is illuminated by two projectors to generate the stereoscopic image.


In the HRC Lab we deal with research questions centered on Human-Robot Collaboration. Different robotic systems are available here to perform experiments in areas like compliant control, person recognition or intuitive programming.

Pressure Chamber Lab

In our Pressure Chamber Lab we perform various types of tests, for example material tests. The Pressure Chamber can generate a maximum pressure of 660 bar which corresponds to 6600m water depth.

Brain Behavioral Lab

The Brain Behavioral Integration Rooms consists of four rooms, two of them are used for conducting experiments and one each for data analysis and exoskeleton integration. The rooms for the experiments are the EEG shielded cabin and the MiniCAVE. The other two rooms are the analysis room and the Recupera-Reha integration room.

Underactuated Lab

The goal of the Underactuated Lab is to develop simple, capable, and robust robotic systems. We aim to build underactuated systems that can achieve equal or superior behavior than existing fully actuated systems.

Locomotion Lab

The Locomotion lab provides a dynamic test environment for various robotic application scenarios. The center of the walking lab will be the RYSEN 3D body weight support system from Motek for gait and balance support at the end of 2022.

Workshops & Foundries

For building our robot-systems we manufacture some components in our workshops and foundries.

last updated 25.04.2023