Enhancing Mobility Using Innovative Technologies and Highly Flexible Autonomous Vehicles
Timo Birnschein
In Proceedings of the RIC Project Day – Workgroups "Electronic Design" and "Mechatronic Design", 24.7.-24.7.2014, Bremen, Selbstverlag, series DFKI Documents, volume 14-05, pages 52-65, Jul/2014. DFKI Robotics Innovation Center Bremen. DFKI GmbH. ISBN: ISSN 0946-0098.

Abstract :

Automobiles of today combined with human driving behavior as well as very different levels of driving experience results in massively congested inner city traffic on a regular basis. Smaller cars with intelligent assistance features and autonomous driving capabilities can help release the tension of traffic. EO smart connecting car 2 is a concept car to fulfill these new requirements. It features many normal driving, turning on the spot, driving sideways and many autonomous functions as laid out within the presentation.

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