A Unified Haptic Representation for Fluid and Deformable Objects
Yong-Ho Yoo, YoonSang Kim, Sang-Youn Kim
In The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers IEICE Electronics Express, IEICE Electronics Express, volume 7, pages 170-176, Feb/2010.

Abstract :

This paper presents a unified haptic modeling method for physical systems irrespective of their types. Previously, we have proposed an energy-based approach which haptically renders rigid and deformable objects without reference to their material. However, it is not easy to represent the haptic behavior of a fluid or fluid-deformable object with the previously proposed method because there is no method for handling fluid objects and no additional interface between a fluid object and the other objects. Therefore, this paper proposes a modeling framework in which rigid, deformable, and fluid objects are represented by one modeling method.

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