A Recursive Lie-Group Formulation for the Second-Order Time Derivatives of the Inverse Dynamics of Parallel Kinematic Manipulators
Andreas Müller, Shivesh Kumar, Thomas Kordik
In IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, IEEE, volume 8, pages 1-8, Apr/2023.

Abstract :

Series elastic actuators (SEA) were introduced for serial robotic arms. Their model-based trajectory tracking control requires the second time derivatives of the inverse dynamics solution, for which algorithms were proposed. Trajectory control of parallel kinematics manipulators (PKM) equipped with SEAs has not yet been pursued. Key element for this is the computationally efficient evaluation of the second time derivative of the inverse dynamics solution. This has not been presented in the literature, and is addressed in the present paper for the first time. The special topology of PKM is exploited reusing the recursive algorithms for evaluating the inverse dynamics of serial robots. A Lie group formulation is used and all relations are derived within this framework. Numerical results are presented for a 6- DOF Gough-Stewart platform (as part of an exoskeleton), and for a planar PKM when a flatness-based control scheme is applied.



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