B-Human 2022 - More Team Play with Less Communication
Thomas Röfer, Tim Laue, Arne Hasselbring, Jo Lienhoop, Yannik Meinken, Philip Reichenberg
Editors: Amy Eguchi, Nuno Lau, Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann, Thanapat Wanichanon
In RoboCup 2022: Robot World Cup XXV, (RoboCup-2022), 17.7.-17.7.2022, Bangkok, Springer, series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, volume 13561, pages 287-299, 2023. RoboCup Federation. ISBN: 978-3-031-28468-7.

Abstract :

The B-Human team won all of its seven games at the RoboCup 2022 competition in the Standard Platform League (SPL), scoring a total of 48 goals and conceding 0. B-Human achieved this high level of performance with a new behavior architecture that enables more cooperative game play while sending fewer team communication messages. This paper presents the parts of the behavior that we consider crucial for this year's success. We describe the strategic evaluation, action selection, and execution aspects of our new pass-oriented play style. The effectiveness of our algorithms is supported by statistics from competition games and extensive testing in our simulator. Empirically, our approach outperforms the previous behavior with a significant improvement of the average goal difference.

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