Source: Jan Albiez, DFKI GmbH
Source: Jan Albiez, DFKI GmbH
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Dr.-Ing. Jan Albiez
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Based on the experience gained with the construction and operation of the first version of the µAUV, this project aims at developing a next-generation µAUV, a novel, robust, and powerful µAUV². As far as possible, problems regarding density, computing capacity, and thrust should be eliminated by then.

Duration: 28.05.2007 till 30.11.2007
Donee: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Application Field: Underwater Robotics
Related Projects: µAUV
AI the Outlook in Marine Technology (03.2006- 05.2007)
Related Robots: µAUV
Source: Jan Albiez, DFKI GmbH


µAUV²: Erste Unterwassertests

Erste Unterwassertests des µAUV²

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