Internal Logistics with Automated Autonomous Delivery and Replenishment

Foto: Julien Mascolo, Fiat Research Centre
Foto: Julien Mascolo, Fiat Research Centre

The project iLAADR focuses on the logistics and delivery of material to the line side in a complex manufacturing process (e.g. assembly for automotive). The goal is to develop autonomous solutions for inbound logistics. These include, amongst others, a low-cost network of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), partly equipped with robot manipulators and meant for autonomous delivery of material, worker safety in the vicinity of the robotic systems, as well as capabilities for data analysis, planning and execution of transport processes.

Duration: 01.01.2016 till 31.12.2016
Donee: DFKI GmbH
Sponsor: EIT Digital
Partner: CRF (Italien), REPLY (Italien), Fraunhofer - IML (Deutschland), Aalto (Finnland), FBK (Italien)
Application Field: Logistics, Production and Consumer
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Project details

The project iLAADR (internal Logistics with Automated Autonomous Delivery and Replenishment) focusses on inbound logistics and autonomous delivery of material up to the product line within complex manufacturing processes, like car manufacturing. Preparation of material and delivery to the product line is widely a manual task here. Automatizing these processes offers benefits like automatized monitoring of material flow and optimal planning of material transport.

Complex manufacturing tasks where the compilation and delivery of material happens manually are often subject to material shortage and delays, which may cause losses. In iLAADR, a solution for autonomous delivery and replenishment shall be provided, which includes a fleet of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), partially equipped with robot manipulators. These shall perform the selection and compilation of kits, consisting of heterogeneous components and deliver them from the warehouse to the product line. Furthermore, human operators shall be able to move freely and safely within the warehouse in order to do maintenance or to exchange empty material storages. The control of the AGVs shall happen via a centralized framework, which monitors the global material flow using intelligent sensors and plans the transport processes to utilize all AGVs efficiently.

Within this  European joint project, the DFKI RIC delivers control software for robotic manipulators and supports the integration within a mobile system.


iLAADR: Erste Labortests mit dem Robotersystem

Gegenwärtig werden Labortests mit dem Robotersystem durchgeführt. Diese beinhalten Software- Komponententests (Marker- und Objekterkennung, Bewegungsplanung und -ausführung, Greifen), sowie Tests der gesamten Ablaufsteuerung und Fehlerbehandlung. Als nächster Schritt soll der Manipulator mit dem fahrerlosen Transportfahrzeug integriert werden, bevor die Tests in der realen Produktionsumgebung bei CRF beginnen können (November).

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