Verify State Estimation Algorithms Using Optical Flow on a Aerial Robot

Source: Jakob Schwendner, DFKI GmbH
Source: Jakob Schwendner, DFKI GmbH
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Dr.-Ing. Jakob Schwendner
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The aim of the project is the implementation of a sensor module which is capable of covering position, speed, and orientation in a location over a certain period of time. The module consists of acceleration sensors, gyro sensors, and magnetometers, each of which is operating in all three degrees of freedom. In addition, an imaging sensor is employed which is directed at any structured plane surface. With the aid of optical flow methods, the generated image sequences will be processed, thus extracting a description of the sensor movement in relation to the plane surface. Combining the individual sensor data through sensor fusion techniques, a complete description of the condition will be achieved.

Duration: 10.04.2007 till 01.04.2008
Donee: German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH
Application Field: SAR- & Security Robotics
Related Robots: CARLTON
Source: Jakob Schwendner, DFKI GmbH
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