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ROMATRIS: (Partially) autonomous assistance robot for transporting materials in rough terrain

In the event of a disaster, every second counts. To save valuable time and increase the safety of emergency personnel, the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center is developing a (partially) autonomous assistance robot in close cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). The innovative robot is able to follow rescue workers through rough terrain and transport material weighing more than 100 kilograms over uneven terrain. It can react to the gestures of the emergency services and move independently back and forth between two points on a predefined route. The DFKI researchers successfully tested the first version of the system at the THW test and training center in Hoya. The robot transported a 120-kilogram generator, safely crossed railroad tracks and climbed a dike hill. Despite the darkness, it was able to recognize people and respond to their commands. The task now is to implement the feedback from the emergency services and further develop the system accordingly. Once the project has been completed, the robots will soon be put into practical use and help to train emergency services in the use of robotic systems and increase the acceptance of new technologies.

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last updated 16.11.2023