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The DFKI Robotics Innovation Center is a young, dynamically growing field of research at the DFKI with international character. Currently, a staff of more than 110 employees from all over the world works here in research and development. More than 75 student assistants support the individual projects. The Robotics Innovation Center closely cooperates with the Robotics Group at the University of Bremen.

The Robotics Innovation Center team benefits from interdisciplinary cooperation: computer scientists and design engineers meet biologists, mathematicians, computer linguists, industrial designers, electro engineers, physicists, and psychologists in order to jointly develop mobile robot systems. The design accords to latest mechatronic developments and programming based on complex, massive-parallel embedded systems solutions.

In the framework of direct industrial orders or publicly funded joint projects, the Robotics Innovation Center designs and realizes intelligent robots for a variety of fields of application, such as underwater, space, SAR (Search and Rescue) and security robotics, logistics, production and consumer (LPC), cognitive robotics, e-mobility, and rehabilitation robotics. The focus lies on a rapid transfer of results of basic research into real-world applications.

The DFKI Robotics Innovation Center actively supports the compatibility of family and career. An in-house childcare facility is offered for emergencies where DFKI employees’ children may be looked after by qualified kindergarten teachers in terms of a full-day care service.

View on the pond with robot ASGUARD in front of Robert-Hooke-Str. 5 DFKI RIC head office (Photo: Roxanne Kagemann, DFKI GmbH)
View on the pond with robot ASGUARD in front of Robert-Hooke-Str. 5 DFKI RIC head office (Photo: Roxanne Kagemann, DFKI GmbH)

This corporate movie introduces the Robotics Innovation Center, DFKI GmbH.

Facts and Figures

Location:Bremen, with a branch office in Osnabrück
Founded: 2006 as DFKI laboratory,
as of 2009 third full DFKI location 
Number of employees: more than 110 plus more than 75 student assistants 
Application Areas: Space Robotics;
Underwater Robotics;
Logistics Production and Consumer (LPC);
SAR and Safety Robotics;
Cognitive Robotics


Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner
Head of Robotics Innovation Center
Phone: +49 421 17845 4101
E-mail: Frank.Kirchner@dfki.de

last updated 19.06.2018
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