Graduiertenseminar/ Brown Bag Talks

Freitag, 20. Mai 2016 - 09:00 Uhr
Kategorie: DFKI Vortrag
RH1 A 1.03

Development of a multi-modal tactile force sensing system for deep-sea applications

Von:  Peter Kampmann (DFKI GmbH)

With the increasing demand for autonomy in robotic systems, there is a rising need for sensory data sensed via different modalities. In this way system states and the aspects of unstructured environments can be assessed in...[mehr]

Mittwoch, 09. März 2016 - 12:00 Uhr
Kategorie: DFKI Vortrag
RH1 A 1.03

A design method for innovative complex experimental robotic systems in small or mid-sized enterprises (SME) in R&D field

Von:  Mehmed Yüksel (DFKI GmbH)

Der nationale und internationale Wettbewerb der Forschung erfordert zunehmend die Entwicklung von immer komplexeren Systemen in kürzester Zeit. Die Wettbewerbsteilnehmer fordern sich durch ihre Kompetenzen wie Innovationsdynamik...[mehr]

Mittwoch, 02. März 2016 - 12:00 Uhr
Kategorie: DFKI Vortrag
RH1 A 1.03

Active Debris Removal in LEO: Analysis, Taxonomy and Approach Solution for a Robotic Mission

Von:  Marko Jankovic (DFKI GmbH)

To avoid a future onset of the self-sustaining cascading process, the Kessler syndrome, there is a general consensus that the mitigation measures alone are inadequate to stabilize the current space debris environment. Therefore,...[mehr]

Mittwoch, 03. Februar 2016 - 12:00 Uhr
Kategorie: DFKI Vortrag
RH1 A 1.03

SCHEMA - improving man machine interaction and mutual understanding by application of contextual knowledge

Von:  Martin Schröer (Uni Bremen AG Robotik)

Current approaches for intelligent technology are efficient and effective, but usually also highly specific and complex - solutions are generally formed around a specific problem, even more comprehensive approaches for the...[mehr]

Dienstag, 06. Oktober 2015 - 14:30 Uhr
Kategorie: Externer Vortrag
RH1 A 1.03

Actuation Approaches for Tomorrow's Versatile Legged Robots

Von:  Dr. Nicholas Paine (Human Centered Robotics Lab, University of Texas at Austin)

Many legged robots today are specialized along a few dimensions of performance.  Some are agile and mechanically robust, others are energy efficient, still others are optimized for carrying large payloads.  None are...[mehr]

Mittwoch, 16. September 2015 - 12:00 Uhr
Kategorie: DFKI Vortrag
RH1 A 1.03

De-tumbling method based on eddy currents for space debris objects

Von:  Natalia Ortiz Gómez, Stardust Marie Curie Early stage researcher (DFKI GmbH)

The Space Debris population has grown rapidly over the last few decades with the consequent growth of impact risk between current objects in orbit. Active Debris Removal (ADR) has been recommended to be put into practice by...[mehr]

Montag, 14. September 2015 - 13:00 Uhr
Kategorie: DFKI Vortrag
Cartesium 0.01

3D-Sensors: Axiomatization, Modeling, Calibration, Localization and Mapping

Von:  Dipl.-Inf., Dipl.-Math. Christoph Hertzberg (Uni Bremen AG Robotik)


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