Automatic Creation and Application of Texture Patterns to 3D Polygon Maps
Thomas Wiemann, Kai Lingemann, Joachim Hertzberg, Kim Oliver Rinnewitz
In Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2013), (IROS-2013), 03.11.-07.11.2013, Tokio, o.A., Nov/2013.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Textured polygon meshes are becoming more and more important for robotic applications. In this paper we present an approach to automatically extract textures from colored 3D point cloud data and apply them to a polygonal reconstruction of the scene. The extracted extures are analyzed for existing patters and reused if several instances appear. Emphasis of this work is on minimizing the number of used pixels while maintaining a realistic impression of the scanned environment.

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