Model-Based Control and Design of a Low-Pressure Fluid Actuation System for Haptic Devices
Mathias Jordan, Luis Manuel Vaca Benitez, Steffen Schmidt, Michele Folgheraiter, Jan Albiez
Editors: Hubert Borgmann
In Proceedings der Actuator 2012, (ACTUATOR-12), 18.6.-20.6.2012, Bremen, WFB die Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen, pages 295-298, Jun/2012. ISBN: 978-3-933339-19-5.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Nowadays, fluid actuation is widely applied due to its beneficial characteristics such as high power/weight ratio, back-drivability and scalability. This paper presents the design and model-based control of a modular low-pressure fluid actuation system, consisting of a miniature servo valve, driven by a voice coil motor, and a customized rotational actuator. Both are intended to be used in a nine-degrees-of-freedom exoskeleton for tele-robotic applications. The proposed control strategy is a combination of a flatness-based feed-forward and classical PD controller, extended by a disturbance observer and shows a superior performance compared to classical control strategies.

Stichworte :

flatness control, disturbance observer, voice coil, servo valve, hydraulics, pneumatics, exoskeleton

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