‘Virtual Harvesting’ as a Key Element in the Development of a novel LiDAR based Combine Harvester Steering System
Jannik Redenius, Sven Belau, Daniel Irmer, Rene Middelberg, Sebastian Spiekermann, Christian Bußmann, Till Sellschopp, Arno Ruckelshausen, Joachim Hertzberg
In 77th Int. Conference LAND.TECHNIK, (LAND.TECHNIK-2019), 08.11.-09.11.2019, Hannover, vdi Verlag, number 2361, pages 173-178, Nov/2019. vdi. ISBN: 978-3-18-092361-1.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

This paper describes the development and test of a novel LiDAR based combine harvester steering system using a harvest scenario and sensor point cloud simulation together with an established simulation toolchain for embedded software development. For a realistic sensor behavior simulation, considering the harvesting environment and the sensor mounting position, a phenomenological approach was chosen to build a multilayer LiDAR model at system level in Gazebo and ROS. A software-in-the-loop simulation of the mechatronic steering system was assembled by interfacing the commercial AppBase framework for point cloud processing and feature detection algorithms together with a machine model and control functions implemented in MATLAB/ Simulink. A test of ECUs in a hardware-in-the-loop simulation and as well as HMI elements in a driver-in-the-loop simulation was achieved by using CAN hardware interfaces and a CANoe based restbus simulation.

Stichworte :

Agricultural streering system; Gazebo; LiDAR; Robot operating system (ROS); Simulation and Modeling



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